Alberto wears multiple hats as the CEO and President of Toys & Tacos. Throughout the daytime, he's engrossed in managing a screening company located in Sarasota. However, once the sun sets, he transforms into an enthusiastic collector and seller, dealing in a wide array of items, including Star Wars memorabilia, Pokémon cards, Funko figures, and more.

In this dynamic duo, Emily, Alberto's wife, plays an integral role in the operation of Toys & Tacos. During her daylight hours, she holds the position of director at a digital marketing agency in Sarasota. Yet, when evening arrives, she seamlessly transitions into her role as a crucial contributor to the marketing efforts, alongside managing listings and purchases.

Adding a dash of energy and excitement to their lives is their spirited 4-year-old, Scout. When they aren't busy with work or family responsibilities, Alberto and Emily savor their moments at the nearby beaches or embark on enchanting adventures at Disney World.

Their home is nestled in Southern Florida and is shared with an eclectic mix of furry and feathered friends, consisting of two dogs, four cats, four chickens, and three ducks.